It’s time to confront fact and data that this civilization owns (accepting with no reserve and custody these published truths) looking at them from a brand new, wider standpoint, no longer that of blind terrestrials forgetting the infinity, made of plenty of galaxies choked with a number of stars, suns, planets and satellites that encompass our small planet, since this infinity was once placed there accidentally or for no matter what mysterious goal.
allow us to cease on these questions taking place due to the fact an established in the past coming up on our lips and that we don’t have the braveness to confront, pushing again hidden ravines of the forgetfulness as a result of being frightened of being concerned, justifying this simply because we don’ t locate the replies.
So let’s commence asking questions!
Today it’s attainable to have the replies.
We simply desire the braveness to work out issues from a wholly varied standpoint to our accustomed one, it’s essential to doubt our trust, any earlier creed, accepting humbly to seem, attempting to comprehend even what amazing or natural invention this turns out to us.
Philosophy says that the genuine wisdom is not to comprehend, in basic terms those that settle for not to understand can glance to new realities, new truths along with his blameless look. an excessive amount of schooling often impedes to be aim and we could us be smug in entrance of evidences which could get a divorce our certainties, created 12 months after one other. fact is rarely simply on one facet, every little thing includes a fragment of it, provided that we will acquire these symptoms we'll achieve placing jointly fact that's round this universe, our galaxy, hence planet earth its infinitesimal grain:
-Who are we?
-What target will we have in our life?
-What is the Universe?
-Are we by myself in any such substantial universe?
-Why is the universe so substantial and our existence so short?
-Do extraterrestrial beings exist?
-If they exist why don’t they exhibit up?
-Why are we now not their slaves? –this is the main dramatic question.
The tale i'm going to inform you will provide replies to those and to different questions, not just on existence but in addition on demise and after loss of life, from an extraterrestrial viewpoint.
This is why the identify says: Alien Eschatology.
Eschatology, is a composed note from Greek “escudos” which means final and “logos” that implies technological know-how, wisdom, so from the dictionary: “doctrine from the final ambitions that's a part of non secular and philosophic creed ,referred to the future of mankind and international future in a bigger that means and in addition how afterlife is conceived.”
To make it more straightforward, hell, paradise, angels and so forth. belong to the Christian Eschatology.
I’m no longer pretending you suspect in what the alien informed me, my simply target is so as to add fragments of fact with others that you simply already personal so that you can in attaining absolute truth.

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